ECOMBI is a new efficient heating system that both controls electricity consumption and optimizes heat management. Our system is the most economical of the electric storage heating solutions available in the market.

How do they Work?

Ecombi electric thermal storage room heating units convert electricity to heat during off peak hours, when the demand and price of electricity is lower. Ceramic bricks within units store heat for extended periods of time so you can save money

Discounted Power

By installing Ecombi storage heaters, you gain access to discounted power rates of approximately 50% compared to standard rates!

Benefits of Ecombi

  • Half price power evenings, weekends, and holidays on ALL power used in your home
  • Clean heat with no gas or fumes
  • Maintenance free
  • Flexible install options(can be used as stand alone system or in conjunction with most existing heating systems in new builds and retrofits including ductless mini split heat pumps
  • Power savings of up to 30% for your entire home!
  • Can be financed directly on your power bill

Authorized Ecombi ETS Dealer

BMR Electric is a certified installation contractor throughout the Halifax area to ensure a top quality install at a fair price.