Solar Photovoltaic System

The iconic photovoltaic (PV) panel is arguably the most recognizable symbol of renewable energy worldwide.  Photovoltaic panels work by turning the energy of sunlight into DC electricity through a process known as the photoelectric effect.

Each PV panel is made up of a multitude of smaller PV cells, combining their individual small electric outputs into a larger output on each panel. The electric output of each panel is then combined with the outputs of the other PV panels to produce a large system-wide output.

The number of panels used will depend on a number of factors, such as available roof space and size of grid connection to the house. These factors often result in a system with four to sixteen panels. Each panel measures about 3’ by 6’, which translates into a roof area range between 75 sq. ft. and 300 sq. ft.

Monitor your system in real time

With standard micro-inverter monitoring system, you can see exactly how well your photovoltaic array is performing in real time. Because each PV panel has its own dedicated inverter, you can see excatly how much power each panel in your array is producing!  Just log in to your monitoring system web page for useful insights into your solar system, including how much money you’ve made. Best of all, your system will automatically email Doctor Solar if there are any problems with your system!


Our versatile installation services provide our customers with high quality solar installations, regardless of the practical and logistical challenges some projects entail.  Our team of experienced solar installers are fully NSCSA trained and qualified, and are able to get a quality installation job completed safely and on time.


Our diversity of maintenance services ensures that we are able to provide reliable and long term expert maintenance on solar thermal and photovoltaic systems at both the residential and commercial level.  When integrated with a web monitoring system, we are often able to diagnose and troubleshoot any problems that might arise remotely.

Hot Water

Our systems typically use one or two locally manufacturedThermo-Dynamics solar thermal panels, depending on how much hot water your home goes through on average. Each system also needs a photo-voltaic panel, which can be mounted on the side of a thermal collector.

The suns’ rays pass through the glass surface of the thermal panel, and get absorbed by the black composite fins found inside. Each fin has a copper tube embedded within it. The glycol flows through the copper tube, thus absorbing heat from the thermal panel to be carried back down to the Solar Boiler®.

The photo-voltaic panel absorbs the sun’s energy and converts it into DC electricity that directly powers the glycol pump on theSolar Boiler®. That means that you can run our systems even when the electric grid goes down!


Our detailed design services for solar thermal and photovoltaic systems harmonize efficiency, aesthetics, and economy to make sure that every design we produce is the best one for the application.  We work effectively with other construction service providers and subcontractors to integrate our designs into larger projects, including new construction and renovation.



Our procurement services ensure that our customers get the best value for their dollar when purchasing a solar thermal or photovoltaic system.  Our warehouse is only stocked with components that meet our stringent standards of high quality and cost effectiveness.

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