How ETS (Off-Peak) Heating Systems Work

Your Guide to ETS Heating Systems


Steffes Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) systems are the alternative to high electricity bills and inefficient home heating. No matter how big your home or building or how cold the temperature outside, Steffes has the ideal ETS heating solution for your needs.

While you are sound asleep, your Steffes Heating System is working away – converting low cost, off-peak electricity to heat and storing it in its ceramic bricks. Unlike old-fashioned systems that don’t have a heat storage feature, Steffes Off-Peak Heating Systems save you money because the heat being stored is purchased at a lower cost for release as needed throughout the day. It is these reduced rates that allow ETS to provide considerable savings to consumers on their energy bills as compared to alternative heating options.

A room thermostat monitors room air temperature and regulates heat delivery as needed, providing comfort 24 hours a day. When the room thermostat calls for heat, the stored heat in the bricks is discharged into the area to satisfy the heating requirements. The amount of heat stored in the brick core of the heater is regulated in relation to weather conditions.

Bottom Line-You Save Money

Check with your local power company to find out if off-peak, time-of-day (or time-of-use), demand based, smart metering, or other preferential rates are available to you.

More than just lowering your bills

  • Safe form of heating
  • Stable and predictable rates
  • No need to remember to fill a tank
  • Pay for consumption after using it
  • No need for a carbon monoxide detector
  • Requires no routine maintenance outside of changing air filters
  • Clean and reliable
  • No house chimney required

Residential Systems

Residential heating is a necessary expenditure, but with a Steffes electric thermal storage (ETS) heating solution paying too much is never necessary. ETS systems are the alternative to high electricity bills and inefficient home heating systems. No matter how big your home or how cold the temperature outside: Steffes has the ideal residential ETS heating solution for your needs.


Room Units

Non-ducted heaters are designed to heat the room or area into which they are placed. Room Units are ideal for new construction applications, retrofits or a supplement to an existing heating system.

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Forced Air Furnaces

Centrally ducted furnaces are designed to be the main heating system (forced air) for residential or small commercial applications. They can be used as a stand-alone furnace or installed with a heat pump  for greater efficiency and energy savings.

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Hydronic Furnaces

This whole house furnace is ideal for any combination of zoned delivery where water is used to distribute heat via radiant floor systems, baseboard radiation, radiators or even forced air heating with the addition of the Steffes Air Handler.

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Energy and Load Management Controls

Several control devices are manufactured by Steffes for use as energy and load management devices or to interface with the ETS systems. These controls are designed to regulate when the ETS equipment can charge and also control when energy can be used by other devices. The Steffes Power Line Carrier (PLC) controls can significantly reduce installation costs of off-peak and load management systems by eliminating significant wiring and additional costs.

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Benefits of ETS Residential Heating Systems

The most appealing benefit of an ETS home heating system is significant cost savings. The average homeowner with a Steffes ETS system enjoys a savings of 40 to 70 percent on their annual heating bills. In dollar form, that equates to an average savings of $500 to $2,000 each year depending on house size and other factors.

Smart homeowners know that a shrewd short-term investment pays off in the future with long-term rewards. For most homeowners the cost of upgrading to an ETS system more than pays for itself after just a few years (5-years or less). Beyond these impressive savings, a Steffes heating system also offers you these great benefits:

  • Great comfort and reliability
  • No routine maintenance
  • The ability to customize your system based on your unique needs
  • Improve heat pump comfort and operating efficiencies
  • The ability to store renewable power (solar, wind, etc.)
  • Smart grid and smart metering technology for additional control, efficiency and cost savings
  • And all the other Benefits of Off-Peak Heating

Get Started with An ETS Solution

Determining the model(s) or size(s) of ETS equipment needed for your application is just slightly different from sizing up conventional heating units.

It is important to accurately determine the size (and quantity) of units needed to satisfy your heating needs. Improper sizing (over or under) may have an adverse effect on system and installation cost as well as efficiency and comfort.

How You Save Money

Cost Savings of Electric Thermal Storage Units

Wouldn’t it be great if you could save 40 to 70 percent on heating bills without forfeiting the comfort that comes with a well-heated building? With an ETS system from Steffes, these significant savings are possible.

The secret to the cost effectiveness of ETS systems is the ability to harness heat during off-peak billing hours for use during higher-priced peak billing hours. Thanks to the high-density ceramic bricks used in an ETS system, even during peak billing hours you will actually be paying non-peak billing prices for all your heating needs because the energy was stored during low-cost off-peak times. With ETS heating, you have the ability to satisfy all your heating requirements 24 hours a day using only off-peak electricity which results in considerable savings in your energy bills as compared to alternative heating options.

When interfacing an ETS furnace to a heat pump system, you can experience even greater savings and efficiencies. Using an ETS furnace as the supplemental and back-up heat to a heat pump, the heat pump is able to take advantage of the off-peak rate as well. In addition, with a Steffes furnace, a heat pump can be operated to very low temperatures capturing more of its efficiencies while still providing complete comfort. An ETS furnace and heat pump combination system is one of the most economical heating and cooling options available today.

The ETS Solution





You’ll enjoy the warm, quiet heat of the Room Heater, along with the energy efficiency and cost savings of off-peak heating. During the night, the Room Heater automatically converts off-peak electricity to heat. This heat is stored in specially designed ceramic bricks until the thermostat calls for it. You save money because off-peak electricity rates are much lower than daytime rates.

Why You Save Money with ETS Home Heating Systems

ETS systems are smarter and more efficient than traditional heating systems. Through the use of high-density ceramic bricks, ETS systems are capable of generating and storing heat during low-cost off-peak hours. Based on the settings you choose, this stored heat is dispersed throughout your home or small business as needed. So, while you may be using the majority of your electricity during peak billing hours, you’ll actually be paying non-peak billing prices because the energy was stored during low-cost times.

All residential heating systems offered by Steffes require no routine servicing and come with a 5-year limited parts warranty. With less maintenance requirements, you’ll save even more money and avoid the headaches that come with other heating solutions.

Residential Heating Backed by Steffes Service and Support

Steffes has more than 25 years of experience with high-efficiency ETS home heating systems. Our friendly customer service and support staff is readily available to power companies, dealers and contractors to answer any questions they may have.


Additional Benefits of ETS Systems

Beyond improved efficiency and operating cost savings, Steffes heating systems save owners money by reducing servicing and maintenance costs.

Steffes integrates only the highest quality components into every ETS system we produce. The result is an incredibly reliable product that requires no routine maintenance, annual cleanings, recertifications or servicing. Over the life of the unit (20+ years), this limited need for maintenance not only saves you money, but also unnecessary headaches and discomfort.


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