Residential Forced Air Furnaces Overview

The World’s Most Advanced Furnace and Air Handling System

forced-air-furnaceThe Comfort Plus Forced Air unit is a ducted heating system designed to be the sole heating system (“stand alone” furnace) or used in conjunction with a heat pump for residential or small commercial applications. Its ability to store off-peak energy and efficiently deliver heat makes this one of the most advanced heating systems available today.

During off-peak hours, the Comfort Plus unit converts electricity into heat and stores that heat in specially designed, high density ceramic bricks. Because of its large heat storage capacity, it has the ability to provide total comfort 24 hours a day using only low cost, off-peak electric rates resulting in very economical and affordable heating.

The Comfort Plus unit is easy to operate. The amount of heat stored in the brick core is automatically regulated in relation to outdoor temperature and the heating requirements of the user. When the room thermostat calls for heat, heat is extracted from the unit’s storage core and is distributed evenly into the home until the heat call has been satisfied.

When used in conjunction with a heat pump system, you can be assured the heat pump’s efficiency is being fully utilized while complete comfort is being maintained.

The Comfort Plus unit offers great safety and reliability with minimal maintenance due to the many safety and comfort sensing devices that monitor the core, supply and discharge air temperatures of the system.

Easily integrate any of these for year round comfort:

  • A Heat Pump (single or multi-speed)
  • Air Conditioner (single or multi-speed)
  • Electronic Air Cleaner
  • Central Humidifier
  • Programmable Thermostat

Variable Speed (ECM) Blower:

The Comfort Plus forced air furnaces are configured with a variable speed (ECM) blower to provide extra comfort as well as added cost savings. The variable speed blower delivers a more consistent, even temperature throughout the house to provide a more comfortable environment. Because it is more efficient to operate than a typical standard blower system, it consumes less energy to reduce the overall operational cost of the system. Other exceptional benefits include:

  • Quiet operation with automatic ramp up and down speed control
  • In “Fan Only” mode, the blower operates in low speed providing uniform air circulation and constant air filtration


  • Allows consumers to take advantage of low cost, preferential rates offered by some power companies to enjoy clean, cozy, electric heat 24 hours a day, while realizing significant savings on their heating bills.
  • Provides for a high efficiency, low cost electric heating and cooling option when interfaced with a heat pump.
  • Offers a safe and reliable heating system with minimal maintenance for many years to come.
  • Provides peace of mind knowing that you can enjoy stable heating bills without having to worry about daily price fluctuations.