Steffes Room Units

ETS Room Heating Units (2100 Series)

ets-roomunitRoom units are non-ducted heaters designed to heat the room or area into which they are placed. These heaters can be used in new construction applications but are more ideal for retrofitting electric baseboard heated homes, supplementing an existing heating system whether it is electric or gas, replacing wood or pallet stoves, heating a new addition or a cold spot in the home.

Room units are available in five (5) models varying in size from 1.32kW – 10.8kW.

During off-peak hours, ETS heaters convert electricity into heat and store that heat in specially designed high-density ceramic bricks. These bricks are capable of storing vast amounts of heat for extended periods of time. The amount of heat stored in the brick core of the heater is regulated (manually or automatically) according to seasonal weather conditions.

The heater’s built-in room temperature thermostat is adjustable to your desired comfort level and will control the delivery of heat from the ETS heater. With a heat call from the thermostat, the fan will evenly and quietly distribute the stored heat in the bricks to satisfy comfort requirements.

ETS equipment is easy to operate and requires very little maintenance.


Room Unit Advantages and Features

  • 100% efficient
  • Clean and comfortable
  • Safe and reliable
  • Easy to operate
  • Perfect replacement for electrically heated baseboard homes, supplementing whole house furnaces (electric or gas), and replacing wood or pallet stoves
  • No required maintenance
  • Microprocessor technology provides complete programmability for customization to immediate and future needs
  • Built-in digital room temperature thermostat with programmable maximum and minimum set points
  • Variable speed supply blower to ensure comfort and optimum performance
  • Immediate heat response
  • Selectable discharge air temperature for user comfort
  • Super insulated to limit static discharge and to maintain low skin temperature
  • Power Line Carrier (PLC) wireless communication of peak control signals and outdoor temperature information for automatic brick core charging
  • Low cost automatic core charging option makes the unit operation completely automatic outside which helps to minimize over or under charging during mild temperature days
  • Built-in safety controls to monitor and control discharge and brick core temperatures
  • Selectable freeze protection and peak override (power company permitting)
  • High quality, durable cabinet construction
  • High-grade urethane paint finish in neutral colors to compliment any room decor
  • Recessable into cabinet or wall
  • Specialized stainless steel sheathed, long life heating elements
  • Easy to read digital display
  • Built-in, diagnostic testing system
  • Soft start/smart charging
  • Optional time clock module available for peak control signaling especially for use in areas offering time-of-use rates
  • Optional communication module for smart grid applications
  • Backed by a five-year limited parts warranty from date of installation
  • Manufactured in North America